2 practices to enhance the beauty of your hands!

Femininity is all about the “details”: an attitude, a style of dress, the choice of words used in speech, a haircut, a way of walking or even… the beauty of the hands. Whether it’s a well-groomed skin, a perfect manicure or the choice of jewelry, women should all learn to sublimate and reveal their potential! Two good practices to discover in this article!

1. The French manicure

You probably know this pretty manicure: it consists in coming the end of the nail in white, and applying a layer of transparent varnish on the whole nail. If you don’t like to go to an institute or prefer the intimacy of your cocoon, you can always book a French manicure at home. With all the necessary equipment to enhance your hands, these experts will give you hands worthy of a Miss France on an election night!

This manicure, simple and elegant, will make you look feminine in two strokes. Add one or more rings to your fingers, and your hands will say more about you than a polished speech!

2. Daily moisturizing

For the beauty of your hands to last over time, you must absolutely remember to moisturize your hands. Especially when it’s winter, or when you often use a hydro-alcoholic solution to disinfect yourself! Indeed, without a good hydration, the skin of your hands is likely to bleach under the effect of the cold, even to be “crumpled”.

To avoid this, there are two simple solutions: drink enough water and/or use a good moisturizing cream. It’s best to choose an organic moisturizer, so that your skin doesn’t have to deal with too many chemicals.

With these two tips, your hands should soon make you so proud that, like the Italians, you’ll speak more with them than with words!

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