Combine elegance and comfort for your summer style.

Despite some reluctance, the greyness is slowly fading and the mercury is starting to rise as the sun takes its place in the sky for the summer period. The heavy coats, hats and umbrellas can finally be put away for, hopefully, many months. This is the perfect opportunity to start refreshing our wardrobe by starting to find the clothes that will allow us to show ourselves in our best light this summer. By focusing on pieces that are obviously stylish, but in which we will also feel comfortable to face the heat.

If you’re looking for inspiration and want to discover the upcoming trends, this article is for you. Here you’ll find our review of ideas and suggestions on how to make sure you stand out from the crowd and look stylish in any situation.

Spring is all about monochromatic looks.

It’s impossible to cover all of this summer’s trends in one article. Most importantly, staying on top of fashion and style requires regular updates.

Colorful looks with lots of prints and patterns are definitely out and monochromatic outfits in this spring. So whatever color you choose for your style of the day, you’ll have to wear one color this season. However, there is nothing to stop you from varying the shades, the nuances, without forgetting the textures to avoid uniformity and give relief to your look. We will bring other touches of color through accessories, for which all the chromatic are possible, from the watch to the belt, through costume jewelry or a hat, the only limit being your imagination, and your personal preferences of course.

The Cuban collar shirt

Straight out of the eighties, the Cuban collar shirt and its typical patterns is making a comeback. With its short sleeves, its collar deeper and dropping than normal, we will choose a wide shirt for an effect of amplitude and breathing, that we will wear over a thin tank top, of sober and plain color not to stand out by transparency. It will perfectly match with chino pants, also with a wide cut, jeans for a more casual look or cargo pants for a streetwear effect. When we think of Cuban shirts, many of us think of the cult film “Scarface” by Brian de Palma, in which the heroes strut around at the wheel of their convertibles, wearing shirts of this kind accompanied by a host of accessories and bling jewels. So there’s nothing to stop you from watching it or re-watching it to find inspiration and incorporate a nod to this pop culture reference into your style.

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