How to be fashionable to go to work?

Being well-dressed in the workplace is not a superficial matter. Indeed, your image is the very first thing that you reflect to your colleagues and your customers. It is therefore necessary to take care of it, to make a good impression. In addition, a carefully selected work outfit will improve your self-confidence and make you feel more comfortable. So, how to design a look that is both trendy and corporate? That’s what we’ll show you in the rest of this guide.

Focus on timeless, rather than ultra-trendy pieces

As you know, fashion is ephemeral. But you can’t imagine renewing your professional wardrobe every season, can you? So, we strongly suggest you invest in timeless pieces, like a skirt suit, or a pantsuit. The women’s suit is definitely the ultimate corporate outfit. In addition, wearing a trendy and timeless skirt suit gives you maximum charisma and confidence. You can complete your women’s tuxedo with very simple shirts or blouses and timeless accessories: a gold or silver necklace, ear pearls, black patent pumps, etc. But, before investing in a timeless work outfit, it is necessary to know perfectly the dress-code of your company.

What is your company’s dress code?

Do you work in the financial sector? You are in daily contact with your various clients? Do you need to represent your company on the outside? In this case, it is likely that the dress code imposed by your employer is quite strict. It is then necessary to find the good compromise, to bet on an outfit at the same time strict, professional and feminine. Here again, a woman’s suit is a solution not to be neglected.

On the other hand, if the dress code of your company is more flexible, then the clothing possibilities are more numerous. Don’t be afraid to mix casual pieces like jeans or a floral blouse with more conventional elements, like a suit jacket or a pair of chic pumps.

The characteristics of an office outfit: confidence, charisma and femininity

In the workplace, you don’t want to go unnoticed. However, sexy clothes have no place in the office. That’s why your look should be a subtle mix of confidence, charisma and femininity. It is therefore necessary to know the good associations and to avoid the unfortunate combinations. In the workplace, we don’t recommend pairing a low-cut top with a miniskirt and high heels. If you want to go for a decidedly feminine (or even sexy) piece, you need to balance it out with something more elegant and professional. You can opt for an above-the-knee skirt, but in this case, you wear it with opaque tights and a suit jacket.

The comfort, an essential criterion

The comfort is a criterion not to be neglected. Indeed, if you do not feel completely at ease in your clothes, that is likely to be seen and to impact your charisma and your attitude, generally speaking.

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