Managing Body Image and Self-Esteem as a Young Adult

Managing Body Image and Self-Esteem as a Young Adult

Tips to Manage Body Image and Self-Esteem in Young People

Most young adults find they struggle with self-esteem and body image at some point in their lives. It is during this vulnerable stage of forming their identity that it is important to check in with oneself and establish healthy self-esteem. Here are some tips young adults can use to manage their body image and self-esteem.

Educate yourself

It’s important for young adults to arm themselves with the knowledge of what society deems as the “normal” or “ideal” body type. This will help to identify negative thoughts versus positive ones. This knowledge of what is “normal” can help young people to focus on their own uniqueness and individuality as opposed to trying to fit into a specific “mold”.

Boost Self-Confidence

Though it can be difficult, eliminating negative self-talk and replacing it with positive thoughts can help boost self-confidence. Focusing on your strengths and abilities and not shortcomings can help to internalize feelings of self-worth and build a more positive self-concept.

Adopt Healthy Habits

Having a healthy lifestyle can help young adults to feel better both physically and mentally. Eating healthily and exercising regularly, but not obsessively, can help to improve mood and self-esteem. Creating a positive environment where healthy habits such as good sleeping habits, balanced eating and physical activity can become a norm is also beneficial.

Surround yourself with Positivity

Surrounding oneself with positive people and positive messages can create a more emotionally balanced atmosphere and lessen the focus on physical body image. Having someone to talk to about any self-esteem issues can help to put things in perspective. Additionally, taking a break from media and social media, especially platforms that promote impossible body standards, can reduce comparison and help young adults to stay true to themselves.

Take Care of your Mental Health

Taking care of one’s mental health is an important part of self-esteem. If struggles with self-esteem and body image persist, it’s important to speak to a healthcare professional who can provide helpful tips and strategies on how to manage these issues. Practices such as mindfulness, journaling, and self-care can be helpful coping mechanisms for managing stress and anxiety and can also positively impact self-esteem.

Overall, it’s important for young adults to be aware of and take into account the different factors that can influence self-esteem and body image. Establishing healthy habits and surrounding oneself with positive influences can help young adults to define and accept themselves.

Young adults should pay attention to their self-esteem and body image, but ultimately they should remember to be kind to themselves and to focus on the strengths and abilities they possess.

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