The 3 golden rules for a good suit for men

In the men’s dressing room, the suit is a must have. Perfect for special occasions such as weddings, meetings and funerals and then adapted to certain professional settings, this outfit is a sign of elegance. Better still, it gives the wearer a certain presence. However, to possess all this class in a suit, it is essential to wear it well, which unfortunately not all men know how to do. What are the dress codes of the man suit?

1. Close the right button

Whether a suit is tailor-made or not, it must respect the rules regarding the way to close the buttons. Thus, when you are dressed in such an outfit, know that it must be unbuttoned when you are sitting.

This will make you feel more comfortable and prevent the buttons from popping off, especially if the occasion is a business meal. When standing, the buttons on the jacket should be closed, but not all of them. The bottom button should actually be open.

Keep in mind, however, that the button to close depends on the number of buttons on the jacket. If the jacket has only one button, you can imagine that it will have to be constantly closed when you are standing.

When the jacket of the man suit has only two buttons, then it is only the top one that you should close. When the garment has three buttons, in this case you should keep the middle one closed.

2. How to wear the shirt of the man suit

The shirt is a component of the man suit. For your outfit to look good, you must wear it well. Thus, note that all buttons of your shirt must be closed including the top one.

Its collar should rest under the jacket collar and should not give you the impression of suffocating. In this case, make sure that you can fit two fingers between your neck and the collar of the shirt.

Also, you should know that the shirt is worn inside the pants. So, in order not to be hindered in your movements, take care to choose the right length.

Speaking of size, you must remember that the sleeves of the shirt should exceed the length of the sleeves of the jacket by 2 cm at most. For a nice look, the sleeves should stop exactly at your wrist.

3. Choose the right length and width of pants

Regarding the dress code of the pants, it must be said that the width of this garment must correspond to your silhouette while highlighting it. Your pants must hold you well, especially at the level of the hips. A tip to avoid that it falls would be to choose it with an elastic waist.

Also, remember that the pants should not be too short or too long. They should fall slightly over your shoes when you are standing. When you are sitting, it is essential that your pants do not ride up too much. Better yet, the skin on your legs should not be visible. So think of wearing socks to hide it.

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