What if you were to fall for a poncho?

It is said to have originated in Central and South America. It is both simple and ample, which allows a certain freedom in its movements. It is particularly appreciated by mountaineers and hikers since it can be transformed into a makeshift tent. Clint Eastwood popularized it. Did you guess? It’s the poncho of course! Let’s see why it is more and more trendy today.

A poncho is ideal in spring

It is often said that the poncho is particularly suitable in mid-season and so it is true both in spring and fall. Indeed, as they keep warm without being stuffy either (they have no sleeves for reminder), it suits well when the temperature is about 5-10 degrees. And as the saying goes, in April, don’t get too hot (of poncho wool!). Plus, in case your unwary partner gets cold, this garment is ideal for covering two people at once. This is especially true that said for men’s ponchos!

The poncho is very easy to put on

If our South American garment has been so successful in reaching us, it is also because it is very easy to put on. Most of the models have no buttons or zippers, you just have to put your head through the central hole. In the same idea, you won’t really have to worry about the size. If it’s a little too big for you, it won’t really be noticeable or embarrassing. It’s much less noticeable than a leather jacket!

The advantage of these two features is that if you opt for a waterproof coated canvas poncho with a hood, it is very effective in case of unexpected rain. Since it can be easily stored in a bag, it’s much less bulky than an umbrella.

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